To ensure complete and flawless investment compliance & risk management is the basis for a successful and sustainable business.

From our experience in daily business, we know that questions often arise and take a lot of time to research and discuss to find the answer. We want to bring together professionals who want to learn from each other by sharing their knowledge and experience. A constructive discussion for the development of a technically correct solution approach, free from business policy influences, is our claim.

The forum is aimed in particular at professionals from the areas of investment compliance & risk management of depositaries, asset management companies and fund management companies. Specialists from the subsequent specialist areas of risk management, legal, compliance and reporting are also invited to use our forum. It is the concern of EPIC Solutions GmbH to promote the exchange of knowledge. The forum is a free non-profit service for professionals for knowledge exchange and networking.

Our Forum offers:

  • Professional exchange

    of opinions independent of business political influences

  • International support

    in day-to-day business

  • Country-specific contributions

    EU countries, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

  • Contributions to Risk & Asset Allocation

    Risk Premia, Factor Models, Risk Parity, Black-Litterman, Portfolios of Sorts

  • Best-Practice for coding

    in different compliance softwares

  • Regulatory

    Update & News

  • Member to Member

    direct communication

  • Scheduled invitations

    Round tables

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Information: To ensure professional usage a registration can only be made via the company email address. The contributions can only be read and commented after registration of registered users. All contributions are verified before publication to ensure discretion and the protection of user data.

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